The Rules in a Texas Hold ‘Em Game

The Rules in a Texas Hold ‘Em Game

Watching the players on World Series of Poker, you may think you’re ready to try the game for yourself. But before you put down some money and pick up some cards, you have to clearly understand the game. Texas Hold ‘Em isn’t like other types of poker. Texas Hold ‘Em has differing rules so there should be a clear agreement among the players before the game is started. There are common rules in the Texas Hold ‘Em game. The holder of the highest hand wins the game.

A player has the option to use one or both hole cards to complete the winning hand.

Aces, Faces and Tens are High Cards. The Medium Cards are the 7, 8 and 9.

While cards numbering 2 to 6 are the Low Cars. Ace can be played as a High Card or Low Card to make a straight.

A Suited Player Hand is two cards of the same suit. When a player has two in his hands in a three of a kind that is called a Set. A nut might be a derogatory term in some contexts but not in poker where a “nut” is a hand that can’t be beat. The pace of play can vary. The object in a Fast Play is to force the other players to fold the soonest by raising the bets continually. Whereas in a Slow Play, players has the option to check or call the bets thereby lengthening the game.

The purpose is to fatten the pot by playing more rounds. The Check-Fold is what happens when you are “bet into.” If offered free cards, take them gratefully. The import is that the Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of High cards.

At the start of the game, the player with the two highest cards like a Queen and a King of the same suit or a pair will have the advantage. The normal betting is a dollar per bet, and can be raised up to three times.

Of course tournaments and casino games push the stakes up considerably. In the World Series of Poker, the pot is breaching the $12 million mark for the last winner. This is not in any way your usual friendly game.

The rule therefore is that when you play the game, you should be aware of the financial stakes.

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