Online Poker Machines – Seven Ultimate Rules

Online Poker Machines – Seven Ultimate Rules

Seven Golden Rules you can use and trust.

1.    Play pokies online – Playing pokies online dramatically increases your chances of winning from a mere 91% to at least 97% to 99% (depending on which online casinos you play at). When you play poker machines you want to give yourself the best possible chances of being a winner and playing pokies online will give you much greater chances of being a winner.

2.    Pokies Have Cycles – Pokie machines go through phases of paying out money and phases of collecting money. Therefore it is important to work out which phase of the cycle the best Pokie machine is in and if the best machine is not paying out then you should move on to a different online poker machine.

3.    Change your bets regularly – It is important to constantly change your Poker machines are run by sophisticated computer programming and we believe that changing your bets regularly increases your chances that the machine goes into a “paying out” phase.

4.    Gamble on the “Double Up” feature – Only gamble using the “Red or Black” feature which doubles your money if you win. Use this to your advantage and increase your chances by using this feature as much as you can, but note to never double up using the “Suits” as this gives you much lower chances of winning.

5.    Take your winnings – In order to be a long term pokies winner, like ourselves, you need to take out your winnings. Let’s say you put in AU$50 and you win another AU$50, so you have AU$100 credit. Take out the AU$50 that you just won and keep on playing with the AU$50 that originally deposited. This secures your winnings and ensures that you continue to be a long term winner.

6.   Only gamble what you can afford – Gambling can be addiction and it is very important to only gamble what you can afford. It should be a recreational activity and not considered as a main source of income.

7.   Always Have fun – Make sure to have fun when you are playing.

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